Joji Net Worth 2024, His Exciting YouTube and Music Career

George Miller started his career while living in Kobe and spent a lot of time with friends making music.

George Miller is a famous musician and internet sensation known as Joji. George Miller, aka Joji, is a dynamic and super-exciting personality. He is known for his music sensation across the world.

However, many of you know Miller as Joji, the nickname he frequently uses in his concert, and you can see that Joji is also his stage name.

31 years old Joji became famous after his first album, Ballads 1, which recorded at No.1 on Billboard’s top R&B list in 2018. Later, Joji performed at Lollapaza and also appeared on many YouTube Channels.

In 2007, he released his first book, Francis of the Filth. Moreover, Joji is also well known for his artwork in the comedy world. Yes! He is also a famous comedian along with a renowned musician.

George has created his YouTube Channel, “TV Fithly Frank,” and currently, Joji’s channel has 6 million subscribers. Let’s know about Joji Net Worth and many other interesting facts.

Joji Early Life

George Miller, aka Joji, was born on 18th September 1992 in Japan. So, he is half Australian and half Japanese. He enrolled in an international school in Kobe, Japan, and finished it in 2012.

At 18, he went to the United States and started college in Brooklyn there. At that time, he started his channel Filthy Frank and began his successful internet career.

Joji Internet World; The Filthy Frank Show

Miller’s career started with the meme Harlem Shake that Joji created on his YouTube channel; this video on his channel Baauer’s Harlem Shake reached the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 in 2013. Joji’s channel Filthy Frank started from this achievement and began an impressive career in Miller’s life.

Due to its dynamic and exciting content, the Filthy Frank channel became popular in no time. The channel’s content included comedic rants, unusual and extreme challenges, musical performances and skits, etc.

Moreover, George Miller has many characters as he portrayed a zentai-wearing man, Pink Guy. George made some music tracks in this category, and the album was known as Pink Season. This album was so hit that it got Billboard’s list. In 2017, in March, Millar also performed as a Pink Guy.

The most known character of Filthy Frank also appeared as an anti-vlogger comedic. However, he becomes offensive sometimes while commenting on world news or popular culture. His channel also had various series like Japanese101 and Loser Reads Hater Comments, Wild Games, and Food.

However, in 2017, Joji stopped posting videos on his channel Filthy Frank because he was suffering from a neurological disorder. Joji got to have seizures led him to leave his YouTube career, and then he stepped into the music industry and followed his passion and dream career.

Joji Music Career

George Miller started his career while living in Kobe and spent a lot of time with friends making music. In his music debut, he created songs under the internet name Pink Guy. Joji took a significant step at the start of his music career.

Moreover, Miller was inspired by various artists who did significant work in the musical field. For instance, he took his motivation from Radiohead, Childish Gambino, and Shlohmo. He started to make unique and different music from that of other musicians.

He combined folk, trap music, hip-hop, and R&B. Furthermore, his music tone contained two most important characteristics: emotionally-charged vocals and a Melancholy tone.

In 2017, he released a couple of songs through the YouTube channel of the Asian music label 88rising. His other released songs are: I Don’t Want Waste My time and Rain On Me. In 2017, Miller performed his debut performance as Jijji in Los Angeles, and the Bolier Room streamed it. This was the most exciting and thrilling performance.

In 2019, Jijo also released a new song named Sanctuary, followed by a music video. This was again uploaded on 88rising. However, Jijo said he wants to do more in the music industry as he loves.

He loves to compose music more than comedy. He was also enthusiastic that he would expand his career.

Joji Net Worth 2024

Joji net worth is about $8 million as he is a young, vibrant, and talented man who is enthusiastic about his career. Since he became an internet sensation, his fans have loved his art and his music. This thing motivates him and leads him to do more.

Joji net worth will increase as he is young, and we can expect his name will be included in the millionaire in the future.

He has 3.52 million subscribers on his youtube channel which can be visited at:





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