Follow these steps if you want a job in UAE

Many Pakistanis get UAE visit visas and wander around in search of jobs.

Dubai (UAE Updates – December 2, 2023 – Arshad Farooq Butt) Many Pakistanis get UAE visit visas and wander around in search of jobs. But the dream of getting a job can be fulfilled only if the market demand is understood and targeted. If you are aspiring for a job in UAE, you can achieve success by adopting a few habits.

1. Visit websites for job advertisements

Names of a few websites are being given for viewing job advertisements. Must read them once a week. This will help you to understand what are the job opportunities in the UAE and what is the standard of education and technical qualification required.

2. Prepare your CV

Prepare a CV according to the field in which you wish to apply. Instead of writing your Pakistani phone number on CV, write the number of a friend or loved one in UAE. Instead of creating a single CV for each department, prepare different versions of the CV.

3. Master the English language

People from all over the world live in the UAE. After the local language Arabic, the language that connects all nationalities is English. The schools are English medium. Whatever the profession, the better your English, the higher your chances of getting a job. For this, take a spoken English course from an institution that is conducting IELTS etc. courses.

4. Expand your friendship network

If you are familiar with UAE, finding a job is like a mother feeding her children, otherwise they are orphans. However, it is not the case that familiarity can make an incompetent employee work. Reference means recommendation can be helpful in many ways. It works to build trust between the institution and the candidate. Apart from this, the candidate also gets information about the vacancy available through reference. Many job advertisements are not published in newspapers. Usually the heads of the institutions inform the staff on their website. In this way, the staff informs their acquaintances.

5. Improve academic ability

If you are less educated, you may face a lot of difficulty in getting a good job. Labor is not a disease of every servant and in the scorching heat of the Gulf countries, labor is a very difficult job. However, if your English is good, a better opportunity may come your way. It is better to try for a job in UAE with graduation or masters degree.

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