Has Pakistani Tik Tok Queen Jannat Mirza quietly married?

Some users have also said that the bride is not Jannat Mirza but her sister Alishba Anjum.

Due to a viral video on social media, news of the marriage of 26 years old Pakistani Tik Tok Queen and emerging actress Jannat Mirza has started circulating.

In a viral video on social media, a girl resembling Jannat Mirza in a red wedding dress can be seen. She is giving her hand to the groom before climbing the stage.

Wedding attendees including a videographer and photographer attending the function. They appear to be doing a photo session.

As soon as this shorts video was shared on social media, it spread like wildfire and news started circulating that Jannat Mirza had quietly married.

While commenting in the comments of the viral video, many users have asked the question that is it really Jannat Mirza? While some users have also said that the bride is not Jannat Mirza but her sister Alishba Anjum.

The truth of the said viral video soon came out and the circulating fake news quickly died down. This viral video clip is not of Jannat Mirza but of a girl who resembles her.

This fact came to light when another video clip of the said girl with her groom went viral, looking strikingly similar to Jannat Mirza on her wedding day.

Jannat Mirza Instagram

jannat Mirza has 5 Million followers on instagram and her account can be visited on this handle:


Tiktok star Jannat Mirza keeps sharing her romantic videos. Recently she has shared a picture with Free Palestine hashtag which is being liked by the people worldwide.

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