Iran ready to attack on Israel this week, Media Reports

Although Iran's direct attack on Israel is unlikely, however it can be surprising just like Hamas did.

According to the British newspaper Telegraph, Israel’s attack on the Iranian embassy may be a sign of a wider regional war.

Gaza war reverberates throughout the region. Although Iran’s direct attack on Israel is unlikely, however it can be surprising just like Hamas did.

The US has informed Iran that Washington has nothing to do with the attack on the Iranian embassy and warned Iran against attacks on American interests.

“Threats of retaliation by Iran’s Supreme Leader and Hezbollah have widened the parameters of the Israel-Palestine war.”

Political Experts described the Damascus attack as a dangerous escalation that threatens to turn Israel’s six-month-long war with Hamas into a wider regional conflict.

Iran’s supreme leaders and members were attending the meeting when Israeli attack took place.

An Israeli source was quoted as saying that it was a very rare opportunity for Israel to eliminate its rival’s most senior commanders in one fell swoop.

Kasra Arabi, director of IRGC research in Iran, has said the fact is that Israel was able to obtain intelligence information about the meeting between top IRGC commanders in Syria.

Israel is believed to have carried out dozens of strikes on Iranian targets in Syria, but this was by far the most significant which killed figures in Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, said Saeed Golkar, a senior fellow at the Chicago Council on International Affairs.

It is a major setback for the institutions associated with the revolution in Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, more important is how Iran will respond.

Julian Barnes-Dacey, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, said the attack could escalate dangerously as the Gaza war reverberates across the region.

There has been no let up in threatening statements this week. General Hossein Salami, head of the Revolutionary Guards, warned that the Zionist regime cannot avoid the consequences of its losses.

Can Iran or any other Muslim Country attack on Israel?

Golkar said that the possibility of Iran directly targeting Israel is extremely unlikely. Officials know he is unpopular inside Iran, fearing that any war could potentially lead to regime change.

The most powerful Islamic country Pakistan is also facing the similar issues where Pakistan Army is involved in suppressing the people’s opinion and not respecting the vote cast by the people of Pakistan. Imran Khan is behind the bars in spite of taking the most seats in Election 2024 and the current government is illegitimate.

Saudi Arabia is also the puppet of the United States and the Islamic Army which was established by the 56 Muslim countries is only being used for Shia states.

In this case Iran has only support of Shia Muslim countries and Russia is also supporting Iran as it sees the Iran its allies.

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