Ingrid Quinn: ex-wife of renowned actor David Boreanaz, Life, Net Worth 2024

Ingrid Quinn is an American national by birth and was born in the USA.

Ingrid Quinn is renowned as the ex-wife of American actor David Boreanaz and came into the media limelight after her marriage to the famous actor. However, the couple parted ways, and their divorce got massive attention in the media. Ingrid Quinn is a social worker.

This article will highlight exciting and dynamic facts about Ingrid Quinn’s life and the reasons behind the famous couple’s divorce.

Ingrid Quinn Biography

Ingrid Quinn is an American national by birth and was born in the USA. Ingrid belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. She did not disclose information regarding her early life, education, siblings and parents.

Ingrid Quinn is a social worker who worked with various organizations before her marriage. She quit her profession during her married life, but after her divorce from David Boreanaz, she rejoined her career.
Ingrid Quinn Marriage Life

In 1994, David and Ingrid began dating and remained in a relationship for 3 years. However, in June 1997, the couple tied the knot. It was a time when David was struggling with his career, but Ingrid had established her profession and supported the famous actor in his initial state career.

David Boreanaz Career and Married Life

David Boreanaz is a famous and renowned actor who portrayed various successful roles. He was known significantly for his acting skill in Aspen Extreme, Married with Children, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, American Dad, Family Guy, and many more. David also achieved many awards for his excellent acting.

During one of his interviews, David said that Ingrid always supported him in his profession and played a significant role in his success. He told the E! Online that Ingrid is fierce and Irish.

However, David and Ingrid’s life got problematic when David built a close relationship with his cast members of the show “Angel and Buffy.” David started to stay on the set after his show’s increased popularity.

He used to remain in the location for 3 to 4 days. At that time, Ingrid started to visit to check on David as she doubted David. She could not control her emotion which became the main reason for the couple’s separation.

Ingrid and David separated due to their differences. Soon after their separation, David filed for divorce. The irreconcilable difference was the reason behind their divorce, David mentioned. The couple has not any biological children.

One year later, David again married Jaime Bergman. Moreover, Ingrid did not issue any statement regarding her life after divorce and David’s second marriage. Ingrid Quinn is currently single.

Ingrid Quinn Net Worth 2024

Ingrid Quinn has earned an approximate net worth of about $500 thousand. She made this huge amount of money from her social work career.

David Boreanaz Net Worth 2024

Ex-husband of Ingrid Quinn, David Boreanaz has a net worth of about $30 million.

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