Imran Abbas Criticizes Social Media Pages for spreading false News

A few days ago, a post of Imran Abbas went viral on various social media pages.

Imran Abbas, a well-known actor of the Pakistan showbiz industry has criticized some social media users for spreading negative and baseless news.

According to the details, a few days ago, a post of Imran Abbas went viral on various social media pages.

The actor uploaded the post asking if Umrah will be accepted for those who are running away with other people’s money and posting pictures of themselves from the Kaaba.

After this post of Imran Abbas came out, various social media users claimed that a famous Pakistani producer did not give money to Imran Abbas and now the producer has gone to Saudi Arabia to pay Umrah with the same money.

Yesterday, the actor has expressed his reaction to these negative and baseless claims of social media users. He shared a detailed note on photo and video sharing app Instagram.

Imran Abbas wrote in his post that it is very disappointing to see how some people distort our words and present scenarios that have no basis in reality. Addressing the social media pages, he wrote that:

“You do not have any good and beneficial work in the month of Ramadan except spreading negative and baseless rumors. Have you ever considered the serious implications of falsely accusing a person of something they have never done?”

He added that first thing is that I have a life outside the media industry and the person or company mentioned in my post is not related to the showbiz industry.

He wrote that I am grateful that no production house or producer in the showbiz industry has taken any of my money and I am lucky that I have always worked with honest producers with whom all my payments have always been cleared.

41 years old Imran Abbas wrote in the end that it is disgusting that some social media pages wrongly associated my post with a person who is known for making payments on time and treats me like family.

It should be noted that Imran Abbas has 8.6 million followers on his instagram account which can be visited at:

He has net worth of 165M in 2024 and his popularity is growing fast.

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