Tips to organically promote youtube cahnnel and videos

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By: Arshad Farooq Butt

New creators find it difficult to promote their youtube channels and after uploading hundreds of videos people tend to stop working for less views. Youtube Channel Monetization is a dream for many creators.

After reading this article you will be able to know how you can promote your channel day by day and what can be done to continue the growth.

Create Stunning Youtube Thumbnails

Thumbnail is the first thing people see on the youtube page. Attractive thumbnails can grab views, subscribers and watchtime.

New youtubers often ignore it as they don’t have image editing skills. But if you want to succeed, you must get knowledge of how to make an attractive thumbnail with the help of coral draw, photoshop or any other software or online tool.

Adding hero in thumbnail is a plus point. Here hero means someone in the image who is pointing to the title. Psychologically it attracts the audience to read the title.

Thumbnail should not be based on cheating the audience. For example, if you are uploading a trailer, don’t write in thumbnail that “watch full movie”.

Do some Youtube Video SEO

Do not put video without using proper Title, Description, Tags and hashtags. Titles should be in English as mostly people search videos by phrases in English. Other languages may reduce it to the locals only.

Description is just like an article. Mostly youtubers don’t pay heed to it. But remember, a well written article in description can rank your video in first page. Never miss this opportunity.

Tags help people to find content. First use long-tail keywords as tags. It means phrases of 2 – 4 words. Short-tail keywords don’t rank fast. If you first work on long tail keywords, you will get ranked soon. And those ranked long-tail keywords will be able to rank short-tail keywords too very soon.

Hashtags are very important in that many people search videos by typing hashtags. So this option should not be left. Use relevant hashtags in Title, Description and Tags. For example: #UAENews

Contact Big Youtube channel owners for collaboration

Big youtube channels can promote your channel by sharing your channel link to their channel community tab. They can also pass traffic through end-screen elements. They can also use description to mention your channel link.

Big channels can also give you shout-out. It is a kind of introduction that they can give in the beginning of new video. Mostly big channel owners provide such type of promotion in very cheap prices.

Use Google Ads to promote youtube videos

Using Google ads is the best way to take new audience on your channel. You will have to spend some money and google will show your video to the new audience through skip-able ads or search ads. Do this with each new video until your channel gets viral.

Use Facebook Ads for Youtube Channel Promotion

Facebook is a good way to reach new people. Make a facebook page and set an ads campaign. Facebook ads are cheaper than twitter ads.

Facebook is less helpful than google ads. As many people see the ad on the page and don’t click on the link. So it provides less views. However it is good in that it shows your channel to many people. So for brand awareness this method is great.

Great Content

Last but not least, content is the key to success. Before uploading the video, ask yourself a question. If someone else uploads the same content, would you like to watch?

Don’t worry about less subscribers, views and watchtime. Even one viral video can complete all these requirements. So, focus on content only and leave the rest for youtube to think. If you have any questions, plz comment or email us at [email protected]. We must reply.

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