How to find Job in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Here are some best ways and strategies you can adopt to get your dream job in Dubai, UAE.

Getting a job in Dubai is the dream of many expats. But choosing the right path to get a job is very important. Otherwise, all the hard work may go to waste. Here are some best ways and strategies you can adopt to get your dream job in Dubai, UAE.

Choose the field wisely

Choose the profession wisely according to your aptitude. If you don’t get a job of your choice, try other fields. There are many successful examples in Dubai where people are working in irrelevant fields and making money fast.

Prepare Separate CV for Each Field

One CV for all types of jobs won’t work. Read the requirements of the department you have applied for and prepare your CV accordingly. Also, mention uae cell no in the CV. If not available, mention some friend or cousin’s cell no who are working in the UAE.

Job Search is a Test Match, Not T-twenty

If you have come to Dubai on a three-month visit visa, remember that employment is not immediately available. Sometimes even after three months there is no job. So, be ready for test match and don’t get disappointed.

Do IELTS and Spoken English Course

English is spoken in many countries around the world. Even in the UAE if your English is good then you will be successful in every field. For this it is important that you do the IELTS or Spoken English course from a good institution.

Types of Jobs in Dubai

Meet as many people as possible during your visit to Dubai and get information from them about their jobs. Generally people in Dubai get jobs in insurance, hotel management, bike riders, banking sector, security and education.

Create Online Data before UAE Visit

Do some research before visiting Dubai, UAE. For example, if you are looking for teaching job in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, you should search in Google about schools in the UAE. Every school has its website where they update jobs. Visiting those sites would be great help in finding your dream job.

Visit Dubai Tourist Points

Dubai is a wonderful place which attracts thousands of tourists every years and many come just to enjoy the beauty of the city. Visit Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world, Burj Al Arab which is in the Sea and many other points.

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