Fiverr Security Question Not Working or Forgot

Fiverr Security Question is the most sensitive part of account security.

Fiverr Security Question is the most sensitive part of account security which is often casually and carelessly filled by the sellers and buyers.

When Do You Need to reset Fiver Security Question?

To avoid hackers, fiverr asks the account holders to add a cell phone number. This phone number is used to send and verify a code sent by Fiverr.

1. Suppose you entered a phone number and by some reasons you lost the phone number and don’t have access to it. You want to change phone number but before doing it Fiverr has an extra security layer. It says to answer the security question so that it could be verified that the actual owners is changing the phone number and not someone else.

2. Some people sell their Fiverr account, although it is not allowed. Suppose you have purchased a Fiverr account and want to add your own cell number in it. Now you need to answer the Security Question to change the cell no.

Contact Fiverr Support to Change Fiverr Security Question

In both cases above mentioned, you need to contact Fiverr support. The representative will ask you to provide two things:

1. Last Four digits of previous Cell Number

2. All possible answers of the security question which you could remember

In most cases account holders are successful to provide these two information. As everyone knows about his previous cell no which was added in Fiverr account. Secondly Everyone knows possible answers with minor spelling issues. If your answer matches 50% you will be allowed to reset security question.

For example: What was the name of your childhood school?

Possible Answers:


Govt Primary School

Government Primary School



In this way you can resolve the issue of fiverr security question. When you have done it successfully, you can change cell no. To do it first add old number, then new number. Don’t rush and everything should be done carefully or you may lose your account.

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