Fall of Dhaka: Bangladesh overtakes Pakistan economically

In the 52 years of its independence, Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in many fields.

London (British Radio Report)

On the occasion of the fall of Dhaka, British radio has compared Pakistan and Bangladesh economically.

In the 52 years of its independence, Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in many fields and has overtaken Pakistan economically.

According to British Radio, according to the latest economic indicators, the per capita income of Bangladesh is now 2687 dollars, while the per capita income of Pakistan is only 1568 dollars per year.

The economic volume of Pakistan has reduced to 340 billion dollars, while that of Bangladesh has become 454 billion dollars. Bangladesh has honed its iron in several industries, from shipbuilding to garments.

Pakistan is a major cotton producing country in the world, but Pakistan is not even among the top five garment producing countries.

But Bangladesh has become the second largest garment manufacturing country in the world after China. In 1972, the first year after its establishment on December 16, 1971, Bangladesh recorded a negative 13 percent economic growth rate.

According to the Economic Survey, the growth rate of Pakistan’s economy was less than one percent i.e. 0.29 percent in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023. On the other hand, in this financial year, according to the Bangladesh Economic Review, the growth rate of the economy of Bangladesh was 6 percent.

Millions of Pakistanis have left the country due to the political instability, lawlessness and military dictatorship in Pakistan. And there is no hope of improvement in the future.

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