Pakistani citizen wins AED 15 Million in Emirates Draw

Muhammad Inam, a Pakistani citizen from Islamabad, bought a ticket for just 15 dirhams.

Dubai (Gulf Urdu news – Arshad Farooq Butt)

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a Pakistani citizen Muhammad Inam has won a lottery of 15 million dirhams. According to Khaleej Times Newspaper, Muhammad Inam, a Pakistani citizen from Islamabad, bought a ticket for only 15 dirhams, on the basis of which he won 15 million UAE dirhams.

It should be noted that the UAE is famous for its various lucky draws and raffles, with many schemes offering prizes of huge cash, luxury cars, real estate and gold. Muhammad Inam, a Pakistani national who won the award, lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE and works as a finance auditor in a private firm.

Muhammad Inam, the recent winner of the “Easy 6 Game” in the Emirates Draw, says that his main goal is to perform the Hajj. After the Hajj, he plans to invest in the UAE’s real estate market. A portion of his winnings will also be given to charity.

According to the details, Emirates Draw conducts three types of “Raffle Draws”:

1. Fast 5
2. Easy 6
3. The Mega 7

You have to participate in the Mega Seven draw to win the biggest prize, the AED 200 million jackpot. To participate in the Mega Seven draw, you have to choose any of the 7 numbers from 1 to 37.

If you match 3 out of 7 numbers, you will get an instant prize of 7 dirhams. Whereas if 4 numbers are matched you will get a reward of 50 dirhams. If 5 numbers are matched, you will win a prize of 1000 dirhams.

Those who matched 6 out of 7 numbers will get a combined prize of AED250,000. The final prize, which is worth 200 million dirhams, will go to whoever matches 7 numbers.

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  1. Yasir says

    I am from Pakistan can I get ticket E/D from Pakistan. Is it necessary participants shall be residents of UAE

    1. Arshad Farooq says

      UAE residency is not required for this to buy. However, its like a gambling and waste of money.

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