COMSATS Sahiwal spokesperson denies drug use in the university

An employee of the university has been arrested by the police from Noor Shah area.

Sahiwal (Sahiwal Updates – University Spokesperson) Comsats University Sahiwal Campus is a great educational institution where students are provided with a healthy learning environment to make the most of their potential.

This was said by the university spokesperson in a press release. He denied a news circulating on social media about the university and termed it baseless and false, saying that there is no question of the use of narcotics or illegal substances in the university.

The university has an excellent security system, where entry into the university is not allowed without physical checking. Apart from this, a large number of CCTV cameras have been installed in the university to monitor every classroom, workshop, grounds and boundary wall of the university 24 hours a day.

On the clear instructions of the Campus Director, the University has been declared a completely non-smoking area and the University administration has not received any complaint from any citizen, student or parent regarding the use of intoxicating or prohibited substances.

The spokesperson said that in recent days, an employee of the university has been arrested by the police from Noor Shah area. If he is involved in any illegal activity, it is purely his personal act which has nothing to do with the university.

The said employee has not been found involved in any such activity within the University and no such complaint has ever been received by the University administration. The university spokesperson said they refute unverified and untrue reports in newspapers and WhatsApp groups and assured parents that their children are studying in a safe environment at Comsats University Sahiwal.

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