Doctor Mike Net Worth 2024, And All the Interesting Facts About His Life

Mikhail Varshavski is the full name of Dr Mike. He was born on 12th November 1989 in Saransk, Russia.

Doctor Mike’s enthusiastic and dynamic personality earned massive popularity on his YouTube channel.

Doctor Mike is the nickname of the hottest doctor. On his channel, he regularly uploads videos about the reactions and storytimes of the everyday life of a doctor.

In his videos, he tells the general problems he faces as a doctor and guide his subscribers about how hospital work. In this article, we’ll explore the Dr Mike net worth in 2024, lifestyle, career, and other facts about his life.

Doctor Mike Biography

Mikhail Varshavski is the full name of Dr Mike. He was born on 12th November 1989 in Saransk, Russia. Dr Mike, at 5, shifted from Russia to Brooklyn, NYC, USA. Although he worked as a physician, his father went to medical school for the second time, and his mother worked for low wages. So, Mikhail came from a low-income family.

Mikhail’s high school friends have nicknamed him “Doctor Mike as they used to visit his father for their many sport-related injuries. His interest in medical studies started in his early life, as he always saw his father treat his patients.

Furthermore, he completed his science and osteopathic medicine studies at the New York Institute of Technology.

Doctor Mike Professional Life

Doctor Mike introduced himself in front of the world when he created his account on Instagram, where he started to post his medical school experiences, noting that you “can’t have a life in medical school.”

In 2015, Buzzfeed published “Um, You Need to See This Hot Doctor and His Dog” about Dr Mike. People Magazine gave him the title of the Sexiest Doctor Alive. These two portals helped him to earn huge popularity. After that, his Instagram account got famous, and the number of followers increased to 3 million.

Moreover, Mike laid the foundation for “Limitless Tomorrow”, which provides scholarships to students. Mike collected money for his project by sharing his experiences with his social media followers.

Mike has five million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 3 million on his Instagram account.

Doctor Mike Personal Life

Dr Mike is the most eligible bachelor, and the proof is that he earned $91000 for charity by offering girls “paid dating” with him. He remained in a relationship with Pia Wurtzbach for a month. After that, Pia got the title of Miss Universe.

Meanwhile, Mike dated a Fox News reporter named Jennifer Lahmers, but there are also rumours that Jennifer and Mike parted ways as the couple last updated their relationship in 2017. However, we cannot say anything because none of them has authenticated about break-up news. Here is the link to his Instagram account:

Doctor Mike Net Worth 2024

According to an estimation, Doctor Mike net worth is about $12 million in 2024. We hope Dr Mike net worth will increase as he is a doctor and a renowned social media personality. Moreover, her earned huge money from his social media accounts.

He has 11.7 Million subscribers on his youtube channel which can be visited at:

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