California News: Muslim community condemns Israel

Folsom's Muslim community is also registering protests via email and letters to the mayor and council members.

California News (Washington Post – New York Times)

The American Muslim community in California has demanded that the unilateral resolution in favor of Israel be withdrawn and the massacre of the Palestinian people be condemned.

A protest against the unilateral decision of the council was recorded during the meeting of the council of the city of Folsom in the American state of California.

During the protest, the Muslim community protested against the passing of a unilateral resolution in favor of Israel, demanding that such a resolution, which includes the massacre of the Palestinian people, the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza hospitals and civilians, and the use of modern weapons Not to mention the billions of dollars of damage done in Gaza, including the abuses, deaths and injuries of unborn children and women and men, it must be withdrawn and condemned.

To record the protest, the American Muslim community and hundreds of protesters attended the ongoing council meeting and strongly protested the passage of this unilateral resolution and the failure to condemn the Israeli military occupation and its ongoing atrocities.

The leaders of the Muslim community recorded the protest and said that 1300 people from 450 Muslim families live in this city, in which a large number of Palestinian families live. Yes, their family members are being bombarded and their properties are being destroyed.

He strongly criticized the one-sided behavior of the council and said that the mayor and members of the council should not be aware of the military occupation of Palestine for the past 75 years and the ongoing human rights violations there, the genocide of the ancient Palestinians and their lands. The billions of dollars in damage caused by the evictions and recent bombings should also have been condemned.

The leaders of the Muslim community say that the usurping and oppressive Zionists have occupied Al-Quds with the help and force of the Western countries, including Britain and America, while the United Nations and human rights organizations around the world are silent on this brutality. There are spectators.

Expressing disappointment over the council’s decision, he said that Palestinians and other Muslims living in Folsom were deeply disappointed by the attitude of the council. Those who will not support us on the issue of Palestine will be forced to think again about giving.

Muslim community leaders also demanded that the council withdraw or amend the unilateral resolution, as well as attacks on human populations, hospitals, places of worship, genocide of Palestinians and their expulsion from the land. The eviction of should also be condemned.

He also welcomed the condemnation of the aggression and the call for a ceasefire in Gaza by the Jewish families of Folsom.

It should be noted that Folsom’s Muslim community is also registering protests via email and letters to the mayor and council members.

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