Breaking News: Iran attacks Israel with more than 200 drones and missiles

Israel shot down several Iranian missiles with the help of the United States and Jordan.

Breaking News (Gulf Urdu)

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has said in a statement that it has launched dozens of drones and missiles targeting specific locations in Israel.

According to the details, Iran has attacked Israel with more than 200 drones and cruise missiles. Israel shot down several Iranian missiles with the help of the United States and Jordan.

According to Iranian media, Iran has carried out extensive drone attacks on Israel. Israeli TV has claimed that Iran has fired more than 200 drones and cruise missiles.

Israeli officials say that some of the dozens of Iranian surface-to-surface missiles have struck Israel. A girl was injured in an Iranian missile attack on Israel, while a military installation in the south was slightly damaged.

According to the Israeli military spokesman, the threats have not abated yet, the forces are fighting the threats.

According to Israeli media, there is an atmosphere of fear in Israel while all schools and educational institutions have been closed.

Iran targeted Israeli defense installations, the Golan Heights and Israeli military bases near Syria were targeted by Iran’s attacks.

Iran says the matter may now be considered closed

The Iranian Mission to the United Nations has said in a statement that the military action against Israel was carried out in response to the Israeli attack on the Iranian diplomatic compound in Damascus, the matter can now be considered over.

The Iranian mission also said that if the Israeli government made another mistake, Iran’s response would be much tougher.

The Iranian mission added that this is a conflict between Iran and Israel, and the US should stay away from it.

Iran’s defense minister has issued a statement warning neighboring countries that any of them that open their airspace to Israel to intercept drones will be targeted.

According to Iranian media, Iran was able to hit 50% of targets in Israel, Israeli bases were targeted by Khyber missiles.

Israel is ready for every situation: Netanyahu

The Israeli Prime Minister has said in his response to Iran’s drone firing on Israel that Israel is ready for any situation. He has called a meeting of the Israeli war cabinet at the military headquarters.

Iran, Israel tensions

It should be noted that on April 1, Israel launched a missile attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus, the capital of Syria, in which 8 people were killed.

According to Aljazeera English, the senior commander of the Quds Brigades of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Reza Zahedi, was among those killed in the Israeli attack. After the attack on the embassy, Iran threatened Israel with retaliation.

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