Ayesha Omar undergoing surgery to get married

During this interview, the actress shared the details of her horrific accident.

Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar recently underwent a complex surgery on her collarbone which was broken in a car accident 8 years ago.

Before the surgery, the actress had recorded her interview for a private TV channel’s Ramadan transmission, which has been aired recently.

During this interview, the actress shared the details of her horrific accident, how her car met with an accident and also revealed the real reason why she underwent surgery after a long time.

Talking about her accident, the actress said that the shooting of my drama serial Bulbulay was going on, while I had to go from Karachi to Hyderabad for a day’s shoot. Actor Azfar Rahman was also with me.

He said that on that day my driver was on leave, we were going with Azfar’s driver who was driving very fast on the highway. I was sitting in the back seat and it was my fault that I wasn’t wearing a seat belt when suddenly there was a broken road (pothole) in the middle of the highway.

The actress said that there was a track next to our car, he entered our row without giving an indicator (signal) to avoid the pothole which our car hit. As a result I broke my collar bone, I had 5 fractures.

Ayesha Omar further said that at that time 2 doctors advised me to undergo surgery while one doctor reassured me that it will connect but it did not connect and now after 8 years the condition of this bone has worsened.

The actress said during the interview that now she has decided to get married, so she is undergoing surgery so that she can raise her children after marriage.

The actress said that right now I can barely lift one and a half to two kilos, but I hope that after tomorrow’s surgery I will make a full recovery.

42 years old Ayesha Omar also told the qualities of her future husband and said that my future husband should be a good person and single because I don’t want to spoil anyone’s home. She has net worth of $5 Million.

It should be noted that Ayesha Omar has 6.2 million followers on her instagram account which can be visited at:


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