Ayesha Arshad Khan Lodhi starts Election Campaign for NA 142

She further said that I am worried about the future of our young generation.

Divisional President Women Youth Muslim League-N Ayesha Arshad Khan Lodhi’s full election campaign is going on in NA 142 Sahiwal.

According to the details, Ayesha Arshad Khan Lodhi, the daughter and political heir of the late Arshad Khan Lodhi, former Provincial Minister of Agriculture, has said that many leaders who claimed to change the situation in NA-142 constituency could not do anything. This time, I will ask the people of the constituency to change their faces.

She further said that I am worried about the future of our young generation. It is very painful to see the deprivations of the constituency, on which I would like to say to the zealous people of my constituency that, God willing, the conditions of this constituency will change and the destinies of the people living here will also change.

I am not concerned about any position or ministry but I am concerned about the future of the youth of my constituency for whom nothing has been done till date. So I request all my brothers and sisters, elders especially the younger generation to try new faces. Inshallah I will not disappoint them.

It should be noted that Ayesha Arshad Khan Lodhi is continuing the election campaign in full force after her nomination papers have been approved. And the series of corner meetings, meetings with voters and supporters continues.

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