Angelica Zachary Bio, Professional Life and Net Worth 2024

Angelica was Marlon Wayan’s ex-wife; their love story started in 2001.

Angelica Zachary is known as the ex-wife of Marlon Wayans, a renowned actor, comedian, and film producer. She is an American actress from New York, USA, and did a lot in the acting field; however, she came to the limelight after marrying a famous comedian and screenwriter. Let’s discuss Angelica Zachary’s personal and professional life and net worth.

Angelica Zachary’s Personal Life

Angelica Zachary is a personality who likes to live away from the media limelight; moreover, she came to focus after her marriage to Marlon Wayans. A little information regarding Angelica’s academic career is on the media: further, her date of birth is also unknown. The only information regarding Angelica’s family is that she is an African-American.

Angelica Zachary Relationship Status

Angelica was Marlon Wayan’s ex-wife; their love story started in 2001. Angelica and Marlon Wayans dated for four years and then decided to get married in 2005.

Sadly, their love story did not survive for so many reasons, and one of these reasons was that Marlon was cheating on his wife. This led to the couple’s separation in 2103. Marlon could be seen on camera kissing some other woman in 2013, the same year they parted ways.

Angelica and Marlon have two biological children named Amai Zachary Wayans, her daughter and second is her son Shawn Howell Wayans. Even after the divorce, both have been trying their best to grow up together since their separation.

The ex-couple couple always works in coordination regarding matters of their children. Both can be seen together on their kids’ birthdays. According to media sources, Agelica’s older child is 18 years old, and her younger one is 16 years.

Angelica and his ex-husband can be seen on good terms even now, and in 2018, Marlon wished her a birthday to Angelica and said she would be his family.

Marlon always respects her. Furthermore, the couple’s children stay with her mother as she always stays away from the media limelight and focuses more on their children.

Angelica Zachary Career

She has not revealed much about her professional life. However, she started her acting career with a brief character as a pedestrian in an action-comedy film, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, in 1998. However, they created a show, Marlon. The story of the show was related to Wayans’ real life. Zachary gained key focus being a central character in this television program.

Angelica Zachary has portrayed characters in the following movies and TV shows:
I’m Gotta Git You Sycka
White Chicks

However, she does not more active on her social media account and lives in her private life. She has just 138 followers on her Instagram account and has not shared anything about her personal or private life.

Angelica Zachary Net Worth 2024

Angelica has a net worth of about $3 million. This money may come from the settlement after the divorce from her ex-husband, as it is still unknown whether she works or not.

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