Adeeba Mubarak Case: Chichawatni Police Failure

The parents of Adeeba still believe that their missing daughter will be found back.

Chichawatni (Sahiwal Updates – August 2, 2023)

Sit for a moment in front of your daughter and imagine the pain of the parents whose 6-year-old daughter has been missing for 2 years.

It has been 2 years since 6-year-old Adiba Mubarak Ansari went missing from 110 Seven R, a neighboring village of Chichawatni.

Apparently, this case has been closed by the local police of Chichawatni city. However, the parents of Adeeba still believe that their missing daughter will be found back. Let’s take a look at what happened in this case.

Adiba Mubarak, who was wearing a red shalwar kameez, went out to buy eggs after hearing the voice of the seller from home on the evening of November 22, 2021. But she did not come back. After some time, a search chain started in the village through announcements in the mosque.

Chichawatani police rached the spot and on the instructions of DPO Sahiwal, police registered a case on November 23 and formed four teams to search for the missing girl, which has been still unsuccessful.

Tehreek e Ehsaas Pakistan, the first registered political party of Sahiwal district, protested massively against the non-recovery of Adeeba Mubarak. The protest rallies passed through different areas of the city and reached Baba Farid Gate, where the father of Adeeba Mubarak also participated in the public meeting. The police could not recover the girl, but a deliberate attempt was made to suppress the voice of protest by filing a case against the workers of Tehreek e Ehsaas for violating the Sound Act.

On December 3, 2021, SP Investigation Sahiwal Shahida Noreen reached the house of Adeeba Mubarak. After consoling the parents of the innocent girl, she said that the police was working day and night to recover the innocent missing girl. On the occasion, DSP Rana Akmal Rasool Nader, SHO Police Station Sadar Jahanzeb Wattoo and a large number of local dignitaries were also present.

On December 10, District Police Officer Sahiwal Sadiq Baloch reached Adeeba Mubarak’s house and met her parents. “DPO Sahiwal assured Mubarak Ali, the father of the missing girl, that he could feel the pain the family was going through. He said the police was working with various teams to recover the missing girl. And they were monitoring the teams on a daily basis and reviewing their progress. God willing, the culprits would be punished severely by ensuring the recovery of Adeeba soon.” However, even this promise could not be fulfilled

On December 11, 2021, Adeeba Mubarak’s father Mubarak Ali attended the open court (Khuli Kacheri) of RPO Sahiwal and demanded the girl’s recovery. RPO Sahiwal assured to find the girl soon.

On December 21, 2021, Chairman Roshni Helpline Karachi Muhammad Ali and father of Zainab Ansari Shaheed (Kasur) Muhammad Amin Ansari went to the house of missing Adeeba Mubarak in village 110 Seven R and met the parents of the innocent girl and consoled them.

Chairman Roshni Helpline Karachi and Zainab Shaheed’s father, Haji Muhammad Amin Ansari while talking to the media said that they worked to search for missing children, and had come from Karachi to help the family.

“We have seen that the condition of Adeeba Mubarak’s parents is very bad. Adiba Mubarak’s case is a challenge for Chichewatni police. The family is on the verge of destruction until the girl is found. If a politician, rich or businessman’s daughter went missing. every possible effort would have made to recover her. Even she is taken out of the earth. We should consider Adeeba Mubarak as our daughter. Adeeba is our daughter, the daughter of the entire nation.”

On January 1, 2022, local journalists inquired about the recovery of the girl from DPO Sahiwal, to which DPO Sahiwal said that it was a blind case.

On January 28, 2022, a protest was recorded by Tehreek e Ehsaas Pakistan at DPO office Sahiwal for the recovery of Adeeba Mubarak. On this occasion, Rao Zubair said that whenever we announce a protest, the police arrests some people of the village and the people of the village bully the parents of the innocent girl.

On March 18, 2022, Tehreek e Ehsaas Pakistan held a protest in front of RPO Sahiwal office for the recovery of the missing girl Adeeba Mubarak, in which Adeeba Mubarak’s father also participated. Chairman Tehreek e Ehsaas Pakistan Muhammad Zubair Aslam Advocate put the people’s case before the officers in clear and blunt terms in a sit-in outside the RPO office Sahiwal.

The people of Chichawatni do not expect any miracle from their police. However, they are certainly right to ask the question that why JIT has not been formed to investigate such an important case? Why is technology not used? Why has the investigation of this case been entrusted to an ASI who has closed the case file?

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